it all pushes up against me like a tidal wave against a wooden door the nagging thoughts creep in through the cracks in my facade they sit in my mind, weaving around every thought every action till eventually they leak out through my eyes, drip drop drip drop and once the defences are compromised i … Continue reading insecurities



too many words fill my head too many silences fill my soul

the ones that don’t get published

the most vulnerable poems - the real ones, the hard-hitting truths are the one that don't get published the ones the world will never be privy to tucked away in leather-bound journals or hurriedly scribbled on pieces of paper but maybe just forever stored in the infinite crevices of your mind  


I've got so many questions for you that I will never get the answers to   I used to be your happiness, the light in your eyes so when did I become your daily headaches? I used to be your precious rose, one and only so when did I become the thorn in your side? … Continue reading Questions