The Last Kiss

the last time he kissed me i didn't know it was the last time but it was a crying kiss with the taste of salt on my tongue and my tears on his lips like my heart knew that it was the last but my brain just didn't catch up



My daddy led me into dark rooms and he pushed my hair behind my ears he told me to be very still as his hands crept near down and down they went I closed my eyes and squeezed them tight I saw my mommy behind my eyelids and I saw the bruises on her thighs … Continue reading dad

the ones that don’t get published

the most vulnerable poems - the real ones, the hard-hitting truths are the one that don't get published the ones the world will never be privy to tucked away in leather-bound journals or hurriedly scribbled on pieces of paper but maybe just forever stored in the infinite crevices of your mind