Poetry Incarnate

Your heart talks to me in hushed whispers planting poetry in my head while I lay in your arms ancient ballads, verses of iambic pentameter Your mind is an explorer's greatest adventure twisting alleyways and dark crevices suffused with beauty, littered with metaphors The twist of your lips wet with words The crinkle of your … Continue reading Poetry Incarnate


Forbidden Love

coded rendezvous notes slipped into back pockets furtive glances unspoken words nightly kisses ignored by day eyes flirting across the room mouths sewn shut grazing hands lingering scents fleeting moments of affection never anything more this love too pure for the poison of the world these minds too closed off to see two feminine silhouettes … Continue reading Forbidden Love


I feel the safest when I'm burning in your flames. I feel the most secure when I'm crashing in your gales. I feel the strongest when I'm facing the world by your side. I feel the most confident when you're looking into my eyes. Home for me is right here in your embrace.

Death Mist

vultures picking on human corpses feeding on expired flesh and mangled nerves the skies bleak, grey clouds, stormy seas the traffic to heaven is heavy today the sky clouded by too many lost souls drifting up on the way to what lies beyond maybe oblivion, maybe an afterlife standing in a line to reincarnation they … Continue reading Death Mist


I know he sees me as a project Something broken, something damaged That needs to be repaired so that it works again With a psychology degree as his screwdriver And late night conversations as his pliers He wants to hammer me back into place Tighten my bolts into tip top shape He sees something in … Continue reading Project